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Athens Mini Club
A few things about the Club: Athens Mini Club was created in Athens by some friends of the Mini. Today they count over 160 members, while this year is the third of their presence. The club is member of the Greek Federation of Season Vehicles (Ε.Ο.Ο.Ε.). The meetings take part every Wednesday after 8 p.m. A Sunday each month Minis are going on excursion in different places of Greece so people can have an eye for them. To date they have been in many places, like Kalavryta, Sounio, Loutraki, Chalkida and Salonica. The owners discuss about cars' conservation and maintenance issues while through the club they can easily find spare parts and workshops at better prices. The members of the club are willing to help out the new Mini owners. Athens Mini Club is often coacting with the similar Mini club of Salonica. Club offices' address is: Aiantos 12 Street, Tavros, Athens, tel. +30 10 3473178.
Club Events:
- In 1999 Athens Mini Club organized the 1st Panathenian Meeting in Athens, where they had a cake to feast model's 40 years.
- On Monday 14 October 2001, Athens Mini Club organized the 2nd Panathenian Meeting at Kallimarmaro Stadium. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. people had the chance to marvel close quarters the historical cars and leave with pretty good impressions.

Inside 2002 the Club will attempt to organize gymkhana (cars deftness games), as they want to accent their sport character. At any rate, what the members of the club hanker is to organize a world Mini meeting in Greece. Time will tell...